Feature Update: The Commerce Dashboard

Introducing the Commerce Dashboard – a new tracking view that offers insights into user purchasing behaviors like average spend, lifetime value, and conversion rates.

Unyfy How-To Guide: Gamification for More Engaged Fans

In this guide, we cover gamification mechanisms and how they can all be accomplished in Unyfy, our flagship platform and community builder.                                        

Easily Collect Marketing Opt-Ins with Unyfy

Opt In Banner feature image

We’re excited to announce our new Email Marketing Opt-In Banner, with which you can easily add a consent banner to your Unyfy platform, making it a breeze to collect the permissions you need.

The Unyfy NFT-based Product Guide

unyfy nft product guide feature image

Explore the potential of NTFs within community collectibles, phygital products, access passes, certificates/badges and charitable actions.