Unyfy How-To Guide: Ideation Missions, Votings, and AMAs to Better Engage Fans

Growing up, I spent countless hours in my community’s local youth center which we call YMCA. It was kind of the place to be as a kid. We’d play organized sports like basketball, swimming, weight training and much more. One really cool part was that the members had the opportunity to voice our ideas and vote on various activities or changes to the center. This was my first taste of democratic power. In another life, I leaned into that persona and might have become the next president of the country. In this timeline, it unfortunately ended there. But nevertheless, I felt involved in my community and ingrained in the youth center activities.

That deep sense of community was actually the aspect that kept me involved and attending those meetings and as a member of the youth center. Maybe some of you have similar experiences prior or current with regard to communities or clubs you might be a part of. The more engaged and “democratic” the community feels, the higher the chance you stick around.

We believe this strongly with Unyfy and with our fan engagement tools. We want to foster that sense of community with Unyfy platforms and want to cover a few features that do just that.

Ideation Missions, Votings, and AMAs are 3 features under the “Participation” section. 3 features that are effective standalone, but very powerful when used in combination.

Defining Ideation Missions, AMAs and Votings

In the spirit of fostering active participation in a way that gives fans a little more freedom to express their thoughts, we introduced “Ideation Missions” on Unyfy. This feature enables hosts to create missions around any topic they see fit.

This feature is similar to a “topic driven forum” where users can add their ideas, concerns, thoughts, etc. Then using tokens, they can upvote ideas they support. This could include new features, collectibles designs, or even community events. In essence, Ideation Missions:

  • Allow users to directly influence the platform’s direction
  • Foster a sense of belonging and ownership among users
  • Encourage creativity and innovation in the community

AMAs, or Ask-me-Anythings are a popular feature for forums and online communities. It is essentially similar to ideations where users can submit their questions and you or other figures answer them. You can gather responses, run it live, and do some interesting things with the results and post-marketing.

Votings are pretty straight forward. You launch a topic that you would like to gather votes for. You can make them single vote, variable token voting (users can vote with tokens and they choose how many to use), or fixed token (they vote with a fixed amount). This is a fantastic feature to quickly and cleanly gather preferences or insights into predefined topics.

The Interplay Between all Three

Let’s break down a quick flow that explains how powerful they are together:

  1. You launch an ideation mission asking users for event ideas (you can host and launch the event on Unyfy too!) Users can boost ideas they support.
  2. You launch a voting of the top 3 ideations to narrow it down to one.
  3. You launch a 2nd ideation mission to gather ideas for the chosen event.
  4. You then launch an AMA to allow users to ask questions about the event.
  5. You reward all participants with digital collectibles.
  6. You publish the results on social media, prompting more fans to check out the platform.

The synergy between the 3 participation mechanisms forms a powerful feedback loop that not only increases user engagement and time spent on the app but also gives users more say in the platform. Additionally (as seen in points 5 and 6,) you can begin combining them with other features and activations found within Unyfy. The result of which is a holistic campaign for your fans.

Important: each individual activation can be effective standalone and are definitely useful for regular/consistent engagement generators. For example, a weekly “man of the match” is fine on its own. But there is always more meat on the bone.

Launching a season-long “mat of the match” in which users can be rewarded if they have participated in all of them.

Or maybe a “man of the year” campaign that prompts users to submit their favorites as an ideation mission – followed by a voting to narrow them down and crown the victor.

Think of these mechanisms like user-input generators. The more users can offer their input, the more engaged and connected to your community they will be.

Here’s why it matters:

  • Increased User Engagement: By participating in Ideation Missions and Votings, users become more invested in the platform’s future, leading to increased engagement.
  • Increased Time Spent on the App: The process of brainstorming ideas, voting, and seeing the results unfold keeps users coming back to the app, increasing the time spent on it.
  • Greater User Influence: By directly contributing to the platform’s evolution, users feel heard and valued, fostering a sense of ownership and loyalty.

BlackYellow App by Borussia Dortmund

On the BlackYellow app by Borussia Dortmund, they regularly launch votings after each game that they call the Man of the Match. This allows their international fans to vote on who their favorite or top performing player was each game. These votings are engaging and prompt users to login, interact, and stay connected to the community.

Another example is their AMAs which make for a perfect piece of content to gather insights or the opinions of fans. The below example was when they hosted an AMA with star player Emre Can. The AMA received considerable engagement from the community.

Unyfy: The Ultimate Platform for User Engagement

Unyfy is not just a digital powerhouse for collectibles. It is a platform that puts community at the forefront, encouraging active participation and fostering a sense of belonging. With the participation section we are taking a significant step towards providing a complete digital experience that closely mirrors the sense of community and active participation I experienced at my local youth center. 

If you’re a sports brand, creator, or publisher looking to launch a fan-centric platform with an active and engaged community, Unyfy offers you the tools to do so. 

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