Grow, Engage, and Reward​

Case Study: German Handball Federation​

The Approach: Build, engage, and reward the community

The German Handball Federation (DHB) does a lot of things right. One of which is cultivating a passionate fan base. When they launched their app, it was their entry into creating a digital ecosystem for German handball fans to connect and grow together.

Our project with them has been another step in their already fantastic efforts of growing their fan base and sport. They were seeking a way to maximize the engagement on the platform around EHF EURO 2024 and to win new sers for

Enter Allstars: a new Unyfy-based, gamified digital collectibles experience for handball fans.

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"Unyfy has provided us with a digital toolkit that allowed us to significantly improve the interactions with our fans."

Matthias Lahr

Head of Digital Marketing @ Deutscher Handballbund e.V.

The Goals

Drive more registrations for, the federations content platform

Increase user retention and activity

Enrich with more engagement and community capabilities

Giving fans more reasons to create accounts

Another goal of DHB is to learn more about the handball fans. To that end, Allstars combined various features like polls and votes to create an engaging experience for handball fans. In doing so, DHB was able to convert a significant part of the existing handball community to Allstars in the first 3 weeks after its launch. Allstars also put Unyfy’s “Refer a Friend” feature to good use. 30+% of all registrations have come from users inviting friends.

Login Streaks to Increase Retention and Activity Allstars was designed to create an active user base on DHB’s owned channel.

Using Unyfy tools such as login streaks and activity-based giveaways, the Allstars user base shows high activity levels: close to 30% of users have logged in on 7 consecutive days or more

A Recipe for a Successful Community

On Allstars, users could complete collections to earn attractive fan packages and partake in fun community áctivations such as polls.

The platform has proven to be a great engagement solution for handball fans – engagement averages already significantly outperform social media (relative rates and total figures).

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