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Grow your publishing business with Unyfy, our complete no-code toolkit for publishers and media organizations. Our integrated digital toolkit makes it hassle-free to build your media brand on a next-generation platform.

Launch your new publication, start a premium content platform, or build a community-supported publsihing brand in mere days.

Premium Publishing

Reach with free, earn with premium.

Build any content experience you envision with ease, whether it’s free, freemium, or premium.
  • Publish text, video, audio, or image content either for free, for subscribers, behind a “token-wall” or control access using NFTs.
  • Our access management meets even complex segmentation demands. 
  • Counter subscription fatigue: besides selling subscriptions, provide more flexibility with token-powered micro payments and NFT-based access passes.

Gamification and Loyalty

User activity is key to building successful digital products. And loyal fans are worth more than one-off visitors. Unyfy let’s you create gamified reward schemes and loyalty programs, both off- and online, with ease.

Increase user engagement and retention out-of-the-box.

Your platform looks and feels like your brand. How far you want to take it is up to you

  • Brandable tokens that users can earn for their activity with automated giveaways
  • Scratch your fans’ “collector itch” with digital collectibles, randomized packs, and customizable reward schemes
  • Gamify live events with your platform using QR code or NFC-based giveaways
Grow loyalty, maximize customer lifetime value, and turn fans into brand ambassadors.
  • Reward any user action including engagement, consumption or purchases with digital giveaways
  • Reward live event attendance with badges, digital goods, and more
  • Integrate loyalty features with your advertisers using Unyfy Integrations
  • Reward your most loyal fans with exclusive content and opportunities to co-create
  • Create network effects with invite-a-friend rewards

Community Management

Build a community, not just an audience.

Turn your audience into an engaged community.

  • Let your fans participate and collaborate with votes, ask-me-anythings, ideation missions, and more 
  • Spaces allow your users to interact directly
  • Use community interactions as new advertising inventory that powers campaigns that matter to your partners and audience
  • User-generated content is easily moderated, even partially automated
  • Make your community sticky and fun with achievements and badges



Unyfy comes with out-of-the-box advertising features that performs for your partners and your audience will enjoy not hate.

Unlock a new toolkit of features for new advertising activations including:

  • Sponsored content like articles, podcasts, videos, AMAs, votings, and much more.
  • Sponsored spaces and groups for fans to gather based on various segments
  • Sponsored digital goods and giveaways like NFTs or stickers and event collectibles.


A digital platform that runs seamlessly on many device-types and operating systems.

  • Unyfy’s web frontend is a progressive web app (PWA) that is elegant on desktop and mobile browsers alike. 
  • Users can install the web app on their desktop and mobile devices. In all browsers that support web notifications, even push notifications work this way
  • Optionally, you can also use Unyfy’s mobile apps for Android and iOS, to offer your fans a native mobile experience
  • Mobile apps support in-app purchases on the AppStore and Google Play

Virtual Commerce

Unyfy lets you tap new revenue streams. Go direct-to-consumer with our virtual commerce tools and grow advertising revenues with new inventory.

  • Offer digital products and services with ease, from premium content subscriptions to virtual merchandise, digital collectibles, and more
  • Unyfy comes with a lot of advertising options – from native ads and interactions to sponsored NFTs – that perform for your new and existing advertising clients
  • Thanks to Stripe Connect, we support many payment methods – and all customer relationships are yours truly

Web3 Tools

Introduce web3 experiences in ways that feel natural.

  • Create NFT-based digital goods like digital collectibles, content passes, community badges, and more
  • Your own platform token lets you create micropayment models, loyalty schemes, gamify the user experience, and more
  • Our advertising tools let you create web3 campaigns with ease
  • Unyfy’s web3 inventory gives your clients exciting new options to advertise, from NFT-based vouchers to user acquisition via integrations, and more

User Acquisition

User acquisition made easy: create a lot of reasons for users to sign-up with ease.

  • Their own profiles 
  • Social interactions with your editors and other fans
  • Social login integration for seamless user onboarding
  • Personalized content
  • Participation in votes, ask-me-anythings, and ideation missions
  • Collecting digital goods such as NFT-based badges or stickers
  • Earning rewards for their activities inside and outside the app

Data & CRM - Full Data Ownership and Control

  • All data that your users generate on your platform is yours – don’t leave your audience data with the social media giants
  • Use the data to better understand your audience, user interests, and preferences
  • Unyfy comes with data dashboards and analytics tools with behavioral and commercial insights out-of-the-box. 
  • Connect best-in-class web analytics like Matomo or Google Analytics to get even more detailed insights
  • The built-in user management can act as your customer relationship management hub or integrates with your existing CRM solution
  • Unyfy makes data actionable. Identify and target heavy users, segment by interest, and more
  • With custom profile fields and Unyfy’s Platform APIs, you can track data from other services and applications right within Unyfy
  • Easily take your data out of Unyfy using exports or integrations

Customization and Integrations


Your platform looks and feels like your brand. How far you want to take it is up to you

  • No-code customization right from your admin backend, including templates, color and font customization and a lot more
  • Advanced customization with Custom CSS 
  • Complete customization of the frontend experience if you use Unyfy headless and build on the Platform APIs

Unyfy is built to adapt to your needs and integrates with your digital ecosystem

  • Easily add custom web services and applications to your platform using our App Integration Layer and SDKs
  • Let your systems talk: Unyfy provides extensive APIs for frontend and backend functionality so you can integrate it with your other systems
  • Add Unyfy functionality such as votes or NFT-based digital goods to your other digital properties using our extensive APIs

I can do free content, exclusive content, video, and podcasts all in one place. It's too easy. My fans love it too.

Dennis Schröder

NBA Player @ Toronto Raptors

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