Feature overview

Everything under the hood

Unyfy is a complete toolkit for content creators to publish, monetize, and engage with your fans. Explore the features below that allow you to go from aspiring content creator to a powerhouse influencer and self-sustaining business.

Premium Publishing

Reach with free, earn with premium​

Our access management meets even complex segmentation demands. Go free, freemium or premium with ease. And you are not only bound to selling subscriptions, giving you and your fans more flexibility and freedom.

Whichever way you want to go: Unyfy is the easy-to-use admin tool where you manage your content, platform, and everything else.

  • Turn content creation into a business by monetizing attention in creative ways.
  • Publish video, text, audio that appears in a familiar vertical feed.
  • Manage who has access to content with tokens, NFTs, subscriptions and more.

Creator Token

Give fans a say in what you do

Almost everything is boostable in your app. Boost is like a “like button with super powers” and makes social tipping impactful and makes it easy to gauge your fans’ preferences.

Your creator token allows you to create engaging fan interactions around free token rewards and to generate new revenue streams with token subscriptions, a-la-carte token packs, and sponsored tokens for your advertisers.

  • Create premium content that your fans can unlock using their creator tokens.
  • Reward the activity and valuable contributions of your community with creator tokens.
  • Drive valuable interactions between brands and fans: enable engaging campaigns that connect your fans and your advertisers in meaningful ways.
  • Sell creator tokens either in individual packs or as part of a subscription/membership.

Community Management

Convert attention from your existing brand into a robust community​

Give your community the tools to participate, collaborate, and grow with you. Crowdsource fresh ideas, co-create new content and experiences, and give fans more ways to interact with you.

Plus, let your fans interact with each other. Turn your platform into a destination, centered around a shared interest.

  • Share your content on your own platform. Publish free and premium multimedia content with ease.
  • Features like AMAs, ideation missions and votings let you interact and co-create with your community
  • Use premium content and experiences to build your sustainable business. Make them unlockable in many ways including with tokens, NFTs, or subs.
  • Create automated triggers that reward user activity with tokens and NFTs. Users (and advertisers) will love this gamified experience.


Unyfy comes with out-of-the-box advertising features that performs for your partners and your audience will enjoy not hate.

Unlock a new toolkit of features for new advertising activations including:

  • Sponsored content like articles, podcasts, videos, AMAs, votings, and much more.
  • Sponsored spaces and groups for fans to gather based on various segments
  • Sponsored digital goods and giveaways like NFTs or stickers and event collectibles.

Digital Goods

Create NFT-based digital products like stickers, virtual merch, collectibles, or access passes to exclusive content.

Digital goods are scalable and effective ways for content creators to cater to the needs of their loyal audience. With Unyfy you can easily create and distribute digital multimedia artworks, limited-edition stickers, merchandising that people can use in your community, access passes to content, events, or merchandise. Users own their products and can also use them within your community for social flair.

You can sell digital products as one-offs or in randomized packs. Also, you can create smart, automated giveaways to reward fan contributions and actions like inviting friends with free giveaways.

  • Fill in the details on the look and feel of your digital collectibles
  • Make them free, token-priced, sell them or make them part of a subscription
  • Assign perks, grant owners exclusive access to events, content and other experiences.

Live and Digital Events​

Turn your events into a robust digital experience

  • Create a community platform to keep event attendees informed and engaged
  • Offer premium subscription tiers for increasing event access and rights
  • Give all or select attendees a say in the planning via votings, ideations, and AMAs
  • Offer more engaging sponsorship activations via sponsored content, giveaways, digital products and more
  • Gain insights and demographic information based on both attendees and non-attendees for seamless remarketing
If you’re unsure if it’s right for you, give us a shout.

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