Bridging Live Events with Digital Using NFTs

Capitalize on Physical Experiences and Events

Brands that rely on physical events like sports teams often have trouble activating fans in more meaningful ways, capturing their information digitally, and making that process seamless.

Also factor in attention spans, social aglorithms, and large volumes of attendees, sports brands often look to digital solutions.

In this case study, we cover a particular feature that we like to think is the perfect way to bridge live events with your digital platforms.

Borussia Dortmund (BVB): A Top Global Football Team

Enter Borussia Dortmund, a top football club based out of Dortmund, Germany.

As one of our first users on Unyfy, Borussia Dortmund has been a leader in sports digitalization. Their core use case with Unyfy is providing their international fans a place to congregate, share stories, and engage with their brand.

And with fun gamified mechanisms like token votings, NFT-powered “Stickers,” and much more, BVB has done a great job activating fans.

The goal of this specific campaign was to see how they can promote their app at a real live event using Unyfy’s Live NFT feature.

How it works: Using a QR code to create an NFT drop, when users scan and use the QR code, they are airdropped an NFT within the app. If they are already registered, its dropped automatically.

The events of note: New York Times Square Football Tournament and the 2022 Asia Tour.

Check out their platform 👇

The Goals

Phyiscal events with a dash of digital

BVB decided to test the new Live Event NFT feature at one of their recent football tournaments in New York Times Square.

When users scan the QR code, they are airdropped a special event NFT when they register for the BlackYellow app.

We must say, a billboard in New York Times Square isn’t a bad way to make an appearance and introduce a new mechanism.

Connection makes the heart grow fonder

BVB has a brand that is truly global and one of their goals is to create meaningful experiences with fans through live events and extend those experiences to digital.

By using the live event NFTs, BVB was able to give fans something memorable from the event that they can keep digitally.

Familiarize users with BlackYellow

Live event attendees can be challenging to activate digitally, especially if the live didn’t have a registration process prior. 

With the live event NFTs, BVB was able to achieve a 20% conversion into sign-ups to their BlackYellow app.

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