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Obsessively fan-focused

With Unyfy, you can launch your own web3 application that fans will love. You can easily launch and distribute your own creator token, create premium content and experiences, drop NFT collections, and engage your fans with votings, AMAs, and more. At its core, the app is built to maximize the connection between you and your fans.

Meticulously creator-friendly

Unyfy empowers creators, publishers, and beloved brands. We put you in control of your own, independent business. Take ownership back and stop solely relying on the big platforms. No demonetization, no deplatforming, no censorship.

No-Code web3

Unyfy makes the web3 toolkit readily accessible to creators and brands. No code required (unless you want to). With simple customization, a smooth admin backend, and a focus on an optimized mobile experience, you can make the platform look and feel like an extension of your brand.

Features at a glance

Your own web3 platform

Launch your community with your own creator token powered by our web3 content and community engine.

Make your superfans co-pilots

Creator tokens, votings, AMAs, and more let fans co-create and grant them influence in your personal “metaverse”.

Unlockable content and experiences

Fans can unlock exclusive content and experiences with their NFTs and creator tokens. Tokens can be earned, purchased, or awarded.

More fan-friendly ways to earn

A-la-carte token packs, NFTs, flexible subscriptions and more. Monetize your community in ways fans won’t hate.

Your own creator token

Your fan platform runs on your own creator token. Let fans boost ideas, unlock exclusive content and NFTs, vote, and curate across the platform. 

Premium publishing your way

Publish text, video, audio, or image content and manage who gets to see it. Make it public, subscriber-only, behind a “token-wall” or even give access to only NFT holders.

Build a community, not just an audience

Give your community the tools to participate, collaborate, and grow with you. Crowdsource fresh ideas, co-create new content and experiences, and give fans more ways to interact with you.

Digital goods with utility

Create digital goods in minutes, e.g. virtual merch, access passes or collectible multimedia works. Add real utility like exclusive access to premium content, interactions or events. Your digital goods can even unlock physical giveaways. Digital goods use NFT technology so your fans can really own their goods and use them across many web3 services.

Adaptable Plans for All

Start your own fan platform today. Find the plan that adapts to your needs and start creating.

Starter Plan

For small creators and influencers.
Start your platform now and unite you followers.

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