Feature Update: Earnable Discounts

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At Unyfy, we obsess over the best ways to employ gamification and loyalty to create the most engaging experiences for fan communities.

Today, we are releasing another addition to the Unyfy Loyalty Platform: Earnable Discounts. Earnable Discounts allow you to let your users unlock exclusive discounts by hitting certain activity milestones. 

Specifically, discounts can be tied to both, reaching a certain daily login streak length or obtaining particular digital items. Using our versatile giveaways engine, the latter means you can reward almost any user activity with discounts, such as inviting friends, engaging with content, or participating in community activities. 

The discounts can be applied to all product categories in Unyfy, from subscriptions to mystery packs and digital goods. We are also working on discounts for third-party systems such as e-commerce platforms or ticket shops.

Whether you use Unyfy to build your exclusive community app, a digital collectibles platform, or your loyalty system, earnable discounts are a powerful tool to increase your fans activity and engagement levels and turn those into sales.

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