Feature Update: Direct Messaging

A living, breathing community is similar to gardening. In the beginning, the vegetation requires significant attention, nurturing, and care. As the garden matures, you step back a little and allow the ecosystem to develop. You continue nurturing, watering, and ensuring the garden has everything it needs to thrive.

We view our community features similarly in Unyfy. To foster a mature and self-sustaining community, you need to provide your users with significant value and attention early on to grow the community. But crucially, we wanted to provide Unyfy operators with all of the moderation tools and automations to provide you with a virtual “sidekick” fresh out of the gate. As your community grows and you build trust with your user base, you can metaphorically hand the reins over to them and allow the ecosystem to thrive.

As a continuation of the community feature stack, your community can enjoy private, end-to-end encrypted chats, adding a whole new layer of engagement and fun. With our user-friendly design and customizable notifications, staying connected has never been easier.

The Benefits: 

  • better fan engagement and exchange of ideas
  • Innate growth mechanism as fans become more connected to your community
  • Gives fans a way to negotiate collectibles trades and deals

With Direct Messaging, the goal is to make Unyfy more collaborative and allow users to begin to foster direct relationships.

Check out some of the other features found on Unyfy and discover how you can build your own platform today.

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