Transforming the Weißwurstparty Experience for Stanglwirt

Stanglwirt, a hotel nestled in the Austrian alps is renowned for its luxury and hospitality, high profile guests, and importantly, their annual Weißwurstparty.

Sidenote: we had our team off-site event last year at the Stanglwirt and it is hands-down the nicest hotel and backdrop I have seen. The heated pool has an almost 360-view of the Austrian Alps. Fantastisch!

Stanglwirt faced a couple of unique challenges with the Weißwurstparty that needed a touch of digital to help them overcome them.

In this case study, I am going to cover how Stanglwirt used Unyfy to turn the stresses of event management into a smooth experience for all of their guests and hosts.

Like many high profile events, there are some growing pains. Here is what Stanglwirt experienced:

  • The event that garnered overwhelming demand for tickets, leading to server crashes
  • Managing communication and providing updates to attendees in a central way
  • Resellers buying tickets in bulk and trying to mark them up on the “black market”

Such is life in event management.

So the goal of our work together were to achieve the following:

  • Provide a central communication channel and engage attendees
  • Maintain server uptime and prevent ticket reselling
  • Gain better customer insights

The Stanglwirt App

The Stanglwirt app, built using Unyfy, is the foundation of our partnership. It has become a central hub for all event attendees to get easy information, communicate with event hosts, and maintain a year-long stream of communication for upcoming campaigns or events.

From votings to ideations and groups, Unyfy allows hosts to launch various content that speak directly to users and entices them to engage back.

Last year, Stanglwirt tried something new. They decided to put the last 100 tickets up for auction with the goal of donating the proceeds to charity.

Attendees then decided how the proceeds of that auction were split between three charitable organizations. The proportion/percentage of the voting determined the donation percentages as well.

The auction donation at the Weisswurst Party

Maximum uptime and raffling for a better UX

Ticketing experiences can be brutal when the sheer volume of interested parties exceeds server thresholds.

With a first-come-first-serve system prior to Unyfy, Stanglwirt had issues with launch day. This also intrudced scalping or ticket resellers that would drive the price up on the “black market”.

So this year, we implemented a 4-week registration period, attendees could create groups, provide personal details, and enter payment information.

Then there would be a fair, randomized raffle that determined ticket allocation, enhancing user experience and preventing server overloads.

Meaningful insights that help increase attendance

As more and more customers are onboarded onto the Stanglwirt platform, their engagement, preferences, and profile fields will provide Stanglwirt (and their partners) with valuable information to provide them with better experiences.

With the raffle registration, not only do they obtain information about buyers but also non-buyers who showed interest. This opens the door for further reactivation and remarketing in the future.


Stanglwirt is just one of the many clients we have using Unyfy as the central hub for their event and communications.

Many other clients use Unyfy as a way to better reach fans, offer digital experiences like votings and AMAs or offer digital collectibles.

Head over and check out the various features under-the-hood of Unyfy, the first and best platform and community builder.

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