NFT Pack Reveal Animations with Unyfy

“You’re watching someone else play video games?” 

This was an embarassing question my dad used to ask me when Twitch and streaming started to become popular. 

Well my dad would really shake his head at me now if he knew I enjoy watching videos of people opening trading card packs.

It’s rivetting and I dont care what anyone says!

I can’t and won’t attempt to explain the psychology behind why 400k+ people have watched the above video. But what I will say is that there is an alure to it.

The excitement and hope that you get something rare. It’s an important element to the experience. 

Let’s talk about digital “packs” or collectibles.

NBA Top Shot were one of the early NFT companies to bring “digital packs” to mass adoption. 

One important aspect to the experience was the actual experience of opening a pack. 

In the digital world, you lose out on a few things:

  • the feel of the cards
  • the smell of the ink
  • the literal ripping of the plastic
  • your hands shaking as you browse through the cards

What NBA Top Shot did so well was make the experience of opening a pack exciting. 

This is important to the experience for the user and to the seller.

The fact that this pack reveal is so dramatic and animated makes for good user-generated-content and opens the door for a lot of cool video-based and sharable content from users.

The feature… is good.

So at Unyfy, we did the same. We bring to you, our Unyfy enjoyers, “Pack Reveal Animations.”

Nfts GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

The explanation is pretty straight forward: adding an animation adds to the excitement of opening NFT packs and also gives users a more visually-pleasing experience that can increase user generated content.

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