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Unyfy Feature Update

“The Attention Economy Cold War” was a concept I wrote about which, summarized here, basically means that all apps, companies, brands, and even hobbies like sports are competing for our attention.

While I have no soldier in this fight, I do think that the brands that deserve that attention are surely the ones that do the best job in providing the best experience. 

It’s a simple calculus: entertain me and I will release my cold (literally because of Germany), dead fingers off of my attention and hand them over to you.

Enter stage left: Duolingo. An app that I have used extensively.

How does Duolingo, one of the biggest language learning apps, keep users active? In other words, what is their USP.

Is it because learning languages is just so fun? Hmm… doesn’t seem like that’s enough.

Our guess is two reasons: 

  1. a well built app (UX and UI) and 
  2. gamification/loyalty schemes

The colors, avatars, mascots, achievements, login streaks, etc. They keep you coming back for more. There is even a third-party leaderboard that tracks the highest login-streaks.

Login streaks?!

This was a very interesting one to us at Unyfy because it was a mechanism to keep Duolingo top of mind and to keep users interested in opening the app.

Just getting people to show up seemed to be the hardest part as people’s attention is being pulled in so many directions.

So we introduced the same thing to Unyfy, our content and community platform builder.

Gamification is our bread, loyalty is our butter.

So in a typical Ron’esque segue:

Login streaks are now live and platform owners can now add some really cool reward schemes for those users than stay engaged.

How it works:

You create a giveaway, let’s say an NFT giveaway.

You then define how that nft will be given away.

Then when the user reaches said streak, they will be rewarded with the NFT you have chosen.

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From NFT giveaways to tokens and even premium content, you can automatically create giveaways to help you save time.

Check out Unyfy to find out more

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