Rewarding Attendees Made Easier with Unyfy

I would like to paint a quick picture for you. It may sound familiar to some that are also traumatized by event marketing.

You are planning a digital webinar or event and promote it to all of your subscribers, followers, etc.

You wish to engage further following your event. You gather the attendees, upload them to your favorite tool, create an email campaign or email blast to send them a link to a landing page containing a reward.

Half of the people don’t open the email. A third of them don’t click on your link.

Your campaign seems to have stalled. You lack an elegant way to continue the customer journey that is reliable.

This scenario is very familiar to myself with my experience doing digital events. It can sometimes become tiresome and tedious to segment attendees from non-attendees and requires external tools to then enage with them most of the time.

On Unyfy, we (specially me) are thrilled to launch a new update to our already robust “user selection” feature.

A bit of background: On Unyfy, you can create various automated actions based on the activity of users. For example, “reward all users who boosted a piece of content”.

Now, we added a type of user selection that makes digital events and specifically, rewarding attendees/reactivating no-shows, very smooth.

Now you can easily select all users that participated in a given interaction, no matter if this is a voting, AMA or Ideation Mission and reactivate them, send them rewards, and more.

Gone are the days of needing multiple tools, imports/exports, unopened mail campaigns, etc.

Create smooth digital events on Unyfy and seamlessly communicate, reward, and reactive attendees or registered users.

If you want to learn more about Unyfy, head over to the various features pages we have based on your profile.

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