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I was shocked today when I heard an anecdote from a sports executive that they were forced to essentially delete thousands of existing legacy subscribers because proper consent wasn’t obtained early on.

“We just bit the bullet and started fresh. Nothing we can do.”

Data regulation changed over time and many brands were left holding the bag on massive lists that they couldn’t do anything with.

According to the GDPR website;

[If]…your company/organization obtained consent from clients a few years ago using a system of pre-ticked boxes online, it’s now clear that this manner of obtaining consent will not be valid as of 25 May 2018. [Therefore], your company/organization will have to obtain consent again if it wishes to continue processing the data.

How do we make sure this doesn’t happen to any Unyfy operators? How do we provide a way to allow your registered users to cleanly opt-in to receive marketing or other correspondence?

Well, one way is to ensure you get that consent out of the gate.

We’re excited to announce our new Marketing Opt-In feature, with which you can easily add a consent banner to your Unyfy platform, making it a breeze to collect the permissions you need from your registered users. We’ve simplified the whole process, so you can connect with your fans and grow your digital business with ease.

Simplified Consent Management

With the new Marketing Opt-In, you have complete control over the type of consent you want from your users. You can turn on the banner and choose the specific consent options that suit your needs, like email, marketing, WhatsApp, or any other communication channels. Unyfy empowers you to customize the consent process according to your unique requirements.

Streamlined User Experience

We know how important it is to provide a seamless user experience, and that’s why Unyfy’s Marketing Opt-In seamlessly integrates with your platform. The banner appears prominently at the top of your feed, grabbing your users’ attention without being intrusive. Plus, you can create an inline widget that appears within articles or pages, so users can give consent while engaging with your content. This makes it easy for users to double opt-in, giving you an elegant way to capture registered users as marketing-ready.

No-Code Implementation

Implementing the Marketing Opt-In is a breeze on Unyfy. As a no-code platform and app builder, we’ve made it simple for you to add this powerful feature to your platform. You don’t need any technical skills or coding knowledge – just a few clicks and you’re good to go.

Grow Your Community and Business

By using Unyfy’s Marketing Opt-In, you can greatly enhance your community engagement and business growth. With a streamlined consent process, you can build a database of engaged users who have willingly given their permissions. This opens up exciting opportunities for targeted email marketing campaigns, personalized communication, and deeper connections with your audience.

The Marketing Opt-In is now live and ready for you to use. Take advantage of this powerful tool to effortlessly get email or marketing consent and strengthen your digital presence. Grow your platform, connect with your fans, and make sure you acquire valid permission from day 1.

To learn more about the Marketing Opt-In feature and other exciting features on Unyfy, give us a shout. We’d love to talk and see if Unyfy might be right for you.

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