Feature Update: Swaps – The Digital Trading Block

Some of the earliest memories I have were of me and my ragtag crew meeting up at a local trading card and collectibles shop, Collector’s Guide every Friday night. They would host Yugioh tournaments and the shop would be packed with people playing against each other, making trades, and opening packs.

With a Panda Express right next door for unabated access to an endless orange chicken supply and a swarm of people to negotiate trades with, the times were good. As a kid with a weekly allowance of $10, I could only afford to buy a couple of card packs. So, I became reliant on trading and slowly moving my way up the ranks. Imagine if trading didn’t exist. I would be in a pit of despair as I only had a few chances per week to find rare cards.

Trading/bartering was essential. It was the only way I could move up in the world. Trading is a mechanism that sparks engagement and interaction within communities. Trading is essential to every collectibles or trading card game and is arguably the driving mechanism to how active that particular game might be.

So we decided to address this on Unyfy.

Unyfy: a digital collectibles powerhouse

In case you are new here is some backdrop: Unyfy is a platform and community builder that allows sports brands and publishers to launch their own platform to which they can convert their audience, own all data, and build digital products with ease. To that end, Unyfy comes with many community and engagement features out of the box.

Digital collectibles are one tool that comes with the platform. Sports fans in particular love collecting and with Unyfy you can easily create digital collecting experiences for fans such as Axel Springer’s SammelDeinTeam. With Unyfy Platform Manager, our admin backend, you can easily create, sell, and distribute digital collectibles in the form of packs, one-off purchases, and free rewards for all kinds of user actions.

On Unyfy, you can create digital collectibles that your fans can purchase. Create collections, bounties, and much more to engage and retain users in gamified ways. Now on Unyfy, we have launched the “Swaps” feature or as I call it: the digital trade block, where users can easily swap collectibles with each other. This will help users complete collections, earn more rewards, and engage with each other.

Swaps: The Digital Trade Block

As mentioned, a big part of what makes a collectibles or trading card game compelling is having a living and breathing community that is engaged and active. So we launched a new feature to ensure that Unyfy users can trade collectibles to better complete collections.

We call it: Swaps, a new feature that offers operators a “digital trade block” as I like to call it. It allows users to offer and trade collectibles with each other. This is a big step toward providing users with a full digital collectibles experience that resembles the experience I had as a kid – minus the armaments of Orange Chicken and 10 pm curfew of course.

Swaps give your fans another avenue to complete achievements or collections by letting them trade duplicates away for pieces they have yet to obtain. In doing so, your platform becomes even more engaging and fun, maximizing user retention and giving you new ways to earn with partner integrations or direct to consumer sales.


Unyfy is a digital powerhouse for collectibles, offering you the ability to create, sell, distribute, and now have your users trade digital collectibles. The new “Swap” feature emulates the traditional trading experience, facilitating engagement within the collectibles community and aiding users in completing collections. This feature is a significant step towards providing a complete digital collectibles experience. If you’re a sports organization, publisher, or beloved brand looking to launch a fan-centric platform with an active and engaged community, Unyfy offers you the tools to do so. Don’t miss out on this opportunity; check out Unyfy today and start building your own digital collectibles platform.

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