Case Study: User Acquisition Done Right with RastroF1

A Community Launch with a Splash

Launching any type of community or new platform can be a difficult prospect for solo content creators. Especially if your audience is accustomed to consuming your content on your existing channels.

The keys to a proper community/platform launch include:

  • An offer/incentive for existing fans
  • Enough promotion and publicity for your new platform
  • A platform that feels native to your fans

RastroF1: Itallian Formula 1 Influencer

Enter Alessandro Rastrelli, a Formula 1 Content Creator and absolute data machine.

The Rastro app caters to the interests of Italian-speaking Formula 1 enthusiasts. The platform offers a wide range of exclusive content, such as reliable news, telemetry, videos, and podcasts that are not available on his other platforms.

Alessandro was able to grow his YouTube channel to over 56k subscribers, Instagram to over 25k followers and TikTok to over 22k followers.

Check out their platform 👇

The Goals

Technical Analysis as a Premium Offer

Rastro was creating and publishing highly technical and data driven F1 race analysis to his fanbase freely.

This represented an opportunity for him to begin to “gate” some of this technical analysis and offer it as premium and paid content.

Promotion that feels natural

Rastro promoted his new platform to his Instagram stories, prompting users to register so they can get his technical insights post-match.

Digital Products that Carry Utility

Rastro decided to make his technical telemetry videos available to users who own specific NFTs within his platform.  

This provides a way for him to generate continuous monthly revenue in the shape of something different than a normal subscription.

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