Digital Goods

Scale with digital products

Create NFT-based digital products like stickers, virtual merch, collectible multimedia work, or access passes to exclusive content.

Digital products made easy for content creators

Digital goods are scalable and effective ways for content creators to cater to the needs of their loyal audience. With Unyfy you can easily create and distribute digital multimedia artworks, limited-edition stickers, merchandising that people can use in your community, access passes to content, events, or merchandise. Users own their products and can also use them within your community for social flair.

You can sell digital products as one-offs or in randomized packs. Also, you can create smart, automated giveaways to reward fan contributions and actions like inviting friends with free giveaways..

Create, customize and sell NFTs

Fill in the details on the look and feel of your digital collectibles

Set your price and product category

Make them free, token-priced, sell them or make them part of a subscription

Assign utility

Assign perks, grant owners exclusive access to events, content and other experiences.

We launched our platform STARENA using Unyfy’s digital goods module as we wanted something fast and code-less. The customer experience went smoothly and all the usual blockchain-related problems were not present.

Marcus Höfl
Starena CEO and Founder
If you’re unsure if it’s right for you, give us a shout.