Utility NFTs

Create better connections

Today, NFT adoption is picking up and we are seeing some brands use them in creative ways.

NFTs made more useful for content creators

That means a new type of NFT buyer is entering the market: a person that’s not buying NFTs because they are NFTs but because they are original, quality digital items and affiliated with people or brands whose attractiveness rubs off on them.

Utility NFTs are assets that can and should be used regularly. These aren’t just digital collectibles used to flip for profit. They are programmable and include redeemable benefits attached.

Create, customize and sell NFTs
Upload assets, configure properties, list on your shop or via subscription.
Assign utility to your NFTs
Assign perks, grant owners exclusive access, and watch your fans use their NFTs.
Reward engaged fans
“Airdrop” NFTs to your engaged fans with automated giveways or sponsored NFTs.

We launched our first NFT collection using Unyfy and it was a massive success. The customer experience was seamless and all of the complexity around blockchain transactions was gone.

Marcus Höfl
Starena CEO and Founder
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