Premium Publishing

Create and monetize

Build any content experience you envision with ease. Publish text, video, audio, or image content either for free, for subscribers, behind a “token-wall” or control access using NFTs.

Reach with free, earn with premium

Our access management meets even complex segmentation demands. Go free, freemium or premium with ease. And you are not only bound to selling subscriptions, giving you and your fans more flexibility and freedom.

Whichever way you want to go: Unyfy is the easy-to-use admin tool where you manage your content, platform, and everything else.

A content engine that does more

Turn your content creation into a legit business by monetizing attention in creative ways.

Media content in a vertical feed

Publish video, text, audio that appears in a familiar vertical feed.

Availability management

Manage who has access to content with tokens, NFTs, subscriptions and more.

I can do free content, exclusive content, video, and podcasts all in one place. It's too easy. My fans love it too.

Dennis Schröder

NBA Player @ LA Lakers

If you’re unsure if it’s right for you, give us a shout.

Adaptable Plans for All

Start your own fan platform today. Find the plan that adapts to your needs and start creating.

Starter Plan

For small creators and influencers.
Start your platform now and unite you followers.

Options as low as


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