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Unyfy Case Study: MegaMarsch

The Approach: A digital hub for hiking enthusiasts

Passion comes in all shapes and sizes. For MegaMarsch, their fans are second to none. MegaMarsch hosts hiking events throughout Europe and were looking for a solution to launch a digital community that supplements their events, helps participants stay informed, track their progress, and provide them with a digital hiking pass as access to events.

MegaMarsch came to us with the desire to provide their audience with a digital home to supplement their growing community. 

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"We were looking for a digital solution for our events to make people's lives easier and gain insights about our hikers. We got that plus more and the hikers are loving it"

Matthias Lahr

Head of Digital Marketing @ Deutscher Handballbund e.V.

The Goals

Keep hikers up to date on news, their progress, and offer a forum to collaborate

Provide participants with a digital hiking pass to reduce lost passes

Enrich MegaMarsch with more engagement and community capabilities

A Community App for a passionate community

MegaMarsch is a thriving physical community and they host marathon style hikes mostly throughout Germany. The unique thing we noticed and realized about MegaMarsch hikers was how passionate and dedicated they were to the hobby/sport.

Unyfy felt like a perfect fit with MegaMarsch as they were seeking a new digital app that their hikers can call home. They decided to take advantage of Unyfy in 3 core ways:

  • Use the feed to give hikers event reviews, route guides, and general event information.
  • Use “groups” to allow hikers to create or join existing forums around different events
  • Utilized NFTs to create a “Hiking Pass” and “stamps” 


A hiking pass that does more

New users on the MegaMarsch app automatically obtain a digital hiking pass. When they attend a hike, they can collect “stamps” by scanning QR codes at various locations.

When scanning said QR codes, the stamps appear directly in their hiking pass (wallet).

A secondary benefit of these stamps was that hikers complained of inclement weather deteriorating their original physical passes.

This has helped reduce lost hiking passes by X%, and has received overwhelming positive feedback from hikers.

Meet new hikers, show your achivements

Using forums for events in different cities has been a great way for attendees to collaborate, meet new hikers, and spark new interest leading up to events. This has consequently increased app usage as hikers now have a centralized place to share ideas.

Stamp collecting has also been a homerun as hikers can easily show off their achievements within the app – some of which are difficult to obtain!

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