Customization and Integrations

Out-of-box customization paired with expansive integrations


Your platform looks and feels like your brand. How far you want to take it is up to you.

  • No-code customization right from your admin backend, including templates, color and font customization and a lot more.
  • Advanced customization with Custom CSS .
  • Complete customization of the frontend experience if you build on Unyfy’s Platform APIs.


Unyfy is built to adapt to your needs and integrate with your digital ecosystem.

  • Easily add custom web services and applications to your platform using our App Integration Layer and SDKs.
  • Let your systems talk: Unyfy provides extensive APIs for frontend and backend functionality so you can integrate it with your other systems such as your fan or ticket shop.
  • Add Unyfy functionality such as votings or NFT-based digital goods to your other digital properties using our extensive APIs.