Creator Token

Give fans a say

Your fan platform runs on your own creator token, a ERC20-based token on the LT Mainnet. With them, fans can unlock exclusive content and NFTs, vote, and curate across the platform.

Social tokens power your community

Throughout the app, almost everything is boostable. Boost is like a “like button with super powers” and makes social tipping impactful and makes it easy to gauge your fans’ preferences.

Your creator token allows you to create engaging fan interactions around free token rewards and to generate new revenue streams with token subscriptions, a-la-carte token packs, and sponsored tokens for your advertisers – turning you into a web3 publishing powerhouse.

Create premium content that your fans can unlock using their creator tokens.
Rewarding contribution

Reward the activity and valuable contributions of your community with creator tokens.

Sponsored Tokens

Drive valuable interactions between brands and fans: enable engaging campaigns that connect your fans and your advertisers in meaningful ways.

Distribution is key

Sell creator tokens either in individual packs or as part of a subscription/membership.

I launched my own creator token and let my fans vote on my jersey number, charity decisions, and more. It was such a dope experience.

Dennis Schröder

NBA Player @ LA Lakers

If you’re unsure if it’s right for you, give us a shout.

Adaptable Plans for All

Start your own fan platform today. Find the plan that adapts to your needs and start creating.

Starter Plan

For small creators and influencers.
Start your platform now and unite you followers.

Options as low as


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