Community Management

Create and monetize

Convert attention from your existing brand into a robust community.

Build a community, not just an audience

Give your community the tools to participate, collaborate, and grow with you. Crowdsource fresh ideas, co-create new content and experiences, and give fans more ways to interact with you.

Plus, let your fans interact with each other. Turn your platform into a destination, centered around a shared interest.

Rethink publishing with a web3 system
Share your content on your own platform. Publish free and premium multimedia content with ease.
Foster an engaged community

Features like AMAs, ideation missions and votings let you interact and co-create with your community.

Earn more with flexible monetization

Use premium content and experiences to build your sustainable business. Make them unlockable in many ways including with tokens, NFTs, or subs.

Automate rewards, foster engagement

Create automated triggers that reward user activity with tokens and NFTs. Users (and advertisers) will love this gamified experience.

Liquiditeam aims to be the "Shopify of Fan Engagement," and I must say they deliver on that promise.

Alexander Mühl

Director Marketing & Digitalization @ BVB09

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