Loyalty and Gamification

Increase lifetime value easily with Loyalty and Gamification

A well-designed loyalty program helps you to maximize your fans’ lifetime value.

  • Grow user activity and retention across all your channels

  • Optimize personalization of your own and your partners’ activations based on deeper user profiles

  • Increase average spending and purchase frequency

  • Provide a hub for all of your international fans and create spaces for various demographics to collaborate and engage with

Gamification is the ingredient to make the loyalty experience fun and engaging.

  • Use mechanisms known from games like points, rankings, collecting, or streaks to motivate and engage your fans
  • Build emotional connections by rewarding fans for their activities
  • Make loyalty fit your brand, not merely transactional

Unyfy lets you create gamified loyalty programs that can measure and reward online and offline activities, with ease. It provides a customizable and powerful toolkit to

  • start engaging fans with points and or badges/achievements
  • reward sales and all kinds of user actions, even including referrals.
  • Let your fans showcase their achievements


Build automated reward scenarios with ease. Reward everything from daily app usage to purchases and friend referrals


Login Streaks

Create periodic rewards when users login consecutively. The longer they stay, the better the rewards – a bit like unlocking levels in a game


Badges and Achievements

Create and distribute badges that reward user activities like buying all jerseys of a season, attending home games, and much more


Loyalty points

Start your own points-based loyalty scheme. Have users collect points and use them to unlock rewards, content, and more

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