Case Study: American 7s Football League X Unyfy

Using Live NFTs to Engage Your Fans

"Bringing NFTs to the Real World"

With Live NFTs, we give Unyfy users a way to enhance the live event or stadium experience by rewarding and enticing fans.

With that we help you to convert a live audience to your own platform 

The concept is simple:

  • Create a NFT-based digital good 
  • Set up an automated QR code or NFC giveaway
  • Place and promote the QR code/NFC at the event or on your broadcast
  • Users scan it with their phone and get the digital good on your platform
  • Everyone is happy

American 7s Football League

Enter the A7FL, who did exactly that and used the Live NFT feature as a way to both reward loyal fans and convert them to their new Unyfy-powered fan platform.

Check out their platform 👇

The Goals

Advertise an NFT Giveaway Natively

During their live stream of the A7FL Wild Card, which featured 3 different games consecutively, the A7FL created an overlay that would periodically show the QR code offering users a free Gamebreaker NFT.

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Onboard New Users.
Convert Existing.

Once the QR code is scanned, the user lands on the A7FL fan application. If they aren’t already a user and logged in, they are prompted to login/register.

Digital Products with Real Benefits

The NFTs were free to registered users. In addition, owners of that NFT were given the chance to redeem a benefit that was programmed directly into the NFT.

In this particular example, users would get discord access and, once redeemed, the benefit would be no longer redeemable.

*You can make this benefit anything you want like a coupon code, an affiliate link, a link to a partner’s shop, or free merchandise 


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