About Unyfy

Tinkerers, innovators, and sports veterans

Welcome to UNYFY –
Where Innovation Meets Sports Excellence!

Our Vision

At UNYFY, we take pride in being at the forefront of sports and digital innovation, and we owe our success to the exceptional team of professionals who have crafted this platform. UNYFY is not just a product – it’s a vision brought to life by reputable and experienced individuals with a strong footprint in the dynamic world of sports and digital technology. Our success is a result of a powerhouse team with a proven track record in shaping the future of sports technology.

Unyfy, A Robust Platform and Community Builder

UNYFY is a cutting-edge solution developed by Liquiditeam, a pioneering force in the realm of sports technology. Unyfy is committed to revolutionizing the way we experience and engage with sports, and stands as a testament to this dedication.

The Founders

Hendrik Hoppenworth

Founder & CEO

Hendrik always had a deep fascination with football and wanted to make it part of his professional life. After studying economics, he became an auditor and sports expert at PricewaterhouseCoopers where he contributed significantly to the integration of the VfL Wolfsburg into the Volkswagen Group. Since he left PwC, he has been working as an agent for clubs and players alike in the international football scene. Besides working on player transfers, he is also involved with brand licensing and broadcasting rights. His learnings and contacts in the professional sports world are an invaluable contribution to Liquiditeam.

Thomas Euler


Thomas has a background in business consulting. As a consultant at (and later CEO of) a digital-focused consulting boutique, he worked with global corporations, SMEs, and startups from various industries on their digital strategy and transformation. His main subjects of interest are internet and network business models, antifragile organization, and the attention economy. Because decentralized systems have long been an intellectual passion, Thomas naturally researched blockchain technology and the crypto asset space from early on. As a result, he co-founded Untitled INC, a blockchain-focused think tank and venture launchpad, in 2017. Being an avid NBA fan who has long worked at the intersection of technology and the media business, Liquiditeam is right on Thomas’ home turf.

Jonas Rubel


After finishing his chemistry degree, Bitcoin caught Jonas’ attention. He began to explore the various aspects of decentralized currencies as well as different token-economic models. Besides the economic aspects, Jonas started to immerse himself in the technical aspects of blockchain technology and open-source software. He started to work for the Zen Blockchain Foundation shortly after, where he built an educational platform around blockchain technology and online privacy. Besides his technical expertise and knowledge in incentivization- and mechanism design, Jonas also brings a great passion for biking and extreme sports to Liquiditeam.


Advisory Board

Marcus Höfl

Sports Business Advisor

A renowned figure in sports business, Marcus lends his expertise to UNYFY, ensuring that our platform incorporates the latest advancements in sports performance and wellness.With expertise in sports management and reputation for thought leadership, Marcus holds a key role in steering UNYFY towards innovation and excellence in the dynamic landscape of sports technology

Philipp Klotz

Digital Innovation Advisor

With a proven track record in driving digital innovation from a strategic perspective, Philipp plays a pivotal role in shaping UNYFY’s digital landscape. His insights guide us in creating a user-friendly and technologically advanced platform.

At UNYFY, we believe in the power of collaboration, innovation, and a shared passion for sports. Join us on this exhilarating journey as we redefine the boundaries of sports and digital synergy. Together, we UNYFY the possibilities!